What Is Mummification?


The Ancient Egyptians used a sophisticated method of wrapping and embalming to preserve a dead body for the afterlife. This was not easy to do; it took more than 70 days to finish and skilled people called embalmers.


The Mummification Process;


First of all, his body is taken to a tent known as ‘ibu’ or the ‘place of purification’. There the embalmers wash his body with good-smelling wine and rinse it with water from the Nile. Then one of the embalmer’s makes a cut in the left side of the body and removes all of the internal organs (apart from the heart). It is important to remove these because they are the first part of the body to rot and decompose. Then a long hook is inserted into the nose to hook and pull out the brain.

100 Word Challenge

There I was, standing opposite Frieza, ‘How dare you, you monster!!!,’ I screamed as my best friend got obliterated. As the landscape rumbled I could feel my anger bursting to new limits far beyond any other saiyan has in centuries. Frieza started to crack up. I hated his laughing, the high pitched mess. Then I could feel it, feel it slipping away then all of a sudden the world started shaking, the trees started breaking and my throat started aching. As he wasn’t looking I fired a SSB super Kaioken super Kamehameha, which destroyed him with complete ease.


The end.

The Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics just recently won game 7 of the NBA Playoffs against the Washington Wizards. The final score was 115 – 105 with Isaiah Thomas scoring 29 points and Kelly Olynyk 26. The Celtics will now be moving on to play the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA East Conference Finals. Everyone thinks that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win but I have faith in my boys.


Dear NASA,


The following reasons are why Josephus and I would be great participants to go to colonise Mars:


  • Josephus and I are fit and this would mean that when we came back to earth we wouldn’t have broken bones from the change in gravity.
  • It would be a great opportunity to colonize a new planet.
  • There is possibly a chance that we find new life.
  • We could improve the quality on earth by finding new resources and moving some of the population to mars.


Sincerely, Benji and Josephus.


The Islamic State is a growing problem that needs to be stopped. There have been many terror attacks with the last just being last week on the Westminster Bridge in London. One of the biggest of these attacks was 911. This was an attack on the Twin Towers back on the 11th of September 2001. ISIS is also very well known for their beheading videos of civilians, soldiers, aid workers and journalists. ISIS is also widely known for their destruction of cultural heritage sites. (Churches, Temples Etc)  I am sharing this with you because we need to stop this. It is a serious problem in the world and is causing consequences. Comment down below if you agree with me.




On his futuristic telecommunication device, Isaiah was contacting the other world, Nova. He was telling them that something very dangerous was advancing their way. They were shocked, there was always peace between the two worlds, never war or beasts. Isaiah could barely hear over the howl of the wind and the crunch of the ice under him. Whatever these tracks were from, it had to be something big.


Climbing up the mountain, sweat dripping down his forehead and turning into ice from the blizzard, Isaiah howled with pain. The climate was gaining in intensity. He almost couldn’t take it; after all he only had a few more pairs of warm clothes in his rucksack. The mountain was very rocky, sharp and fierce, slitting Isaiah’s gloves into oblivion in only a few minutes. He didn’t know how he was going to make it, he was only 20 metres off the ground, and already he is in pain and discomfort.

The Phoenix Files Arrival Book Review

The Phoenix Files:Arrival

The Phoenix Files series by Chris Morphew are a short series that consist of six books ,  Arrival, Contact, Mutation, Underground, Fallout and Doomsday but today’s review is going to be about the first book in the series; Arrival.

I chose this book for reading group at school and wouldn’t have came across it otherwise. It is a interesting book with a new and fresh plot compared to other books that just repeat themselves. Arrival was originally published on the 1st of June 2009.

Luke Hunter and his Mother arrive in Phoenix, a city in the middle of nowhere. But Luke quickly finds out that Phoenix isn’t an ordinary town. There is no internet, no phones and everybody has to travel around on bikes since cars are banned. Luke thinks that the weird stopped there ; but he was wrong.  Luke meets up with Peter and Jordan and together they find a secret; there are only 100 days left in the world.

I think that Arrival is a great book for someone who wants a great read but can’t be bothered to read a long book. I would suggest this to people of all ages and I would give Arrival 5 out of 5 stars.


Aarif the Afghan had just moved over from Kunduz, to Gisborne, NZ. It was hard moving to a new suburb, in a new city, in a new country. Aarif’s town was war struck. There were craters from bombers the size of villas. Aarif and his mother were scouting the city for food, his father in the shelter. That was when they came. They were Rockwell B-1 Lancers, one of the most high tech bomber/stealth planes. They screamed in the sky at the speed of sound with 2500 lbs bombs. The image was still stuck in Aarif’s head, the vivid image of the shelter being torn torn to pieces. So vivid…. Aarif and his mother were just two of the thousands evacuated….

Aarif felt good and safe from the war in a flat in Gisborne. It felt great after walking those hundreds of kilometres to lie down in a bed. They had slept a few weeks in a Church. The Government had provided money, school and a cheap flat. The flat was damp, smelt and there was mold everywhere, but it was better than their old shelter. Aarif was a year five at Cobham Primary School, since he was only nine. He didn’t really fit in at his new school, but at least he had a friend. Hamid, who was from Kyrgyzstan (only 1018 kilometres away from Afghanistan) was nice. But there was one boy who was mean, insensitive and racist. He was called Timoti.

Mr. Walck had studied the language of Dari in college. He was fifty years young; teaching since he was thirty. Every day Aarif would spend time with Mr. Walck and learn to speak English (Aarif only knew a bit). He also had a counsellor, Al. After he had spent time with Mr. Walck, he would go visit Al. He was a young man who prefered to be called by his first name. They would talk about what had happened, with Mr. Walck there as the translator when they couldn’t understand each other. It helped Aarif but reminded him of all the gore and the horrible things that war can do…

Everyday Timoti would discriminate and make rude comments about Aarif’s culture. This was nothing like the war, yet the little things were still annoying. Timoti was a stocky year six who started fights for fun. He was the school bully who had hurt physically and emotionally numerous kids in his time at school. Hamid would protect Omar but he couldn’t always be there like a personal bodyguard. Aarif would report what Timoti was doing to the teachers but they never listened and said, ´He still must be shocked from the war.´ It was little things like this which made Aarif sad.

Aarif thought at last that he had sorted out this Timoti problem. At last the school had noticed Timoti. It was when they were both out in the school courtyard, Timoti with his friends, Aarif with Hamid. Aarif didn’t want to start a fight, or sit next to Timoti. But it had just happened. Timoti assaulted Aarif with a Glock. Cobham Primary School was dodgy. Aarif had to dodge the bullets spraying the wall. But Hamid had been hit, his only friend. His best friend. The teachers saw, and a man got the gun off Timoti. It was all over…..

Later that day Timoti got arrested for assault. He went to a juvenile prison, probably never to see Aarif again. Timoti got a huge lisp and ended up to be my cousin. Hamid’s Parents were devastated that their only son had been killed in a school assault. Aarif was questioned and later he and his Mother moved to Napier. Aarif led a good life after that and became successful at his school.

The Nest

      The Nest

Two days ago, in the middle of the night, when it was pitch black, I stepped in it… On a scout tramp, innocently walking along, enjoying the views when suddenly there was a slight buzzing. The pain was intense, I had got bitten or stung, maybe by a whitetail I thought. And then a swarm of wasps rose and I realized that I had been stung three times. So with puffy elephant legs, I just charged through it. It didn’t matter how much cream you put on, it was still hurting. After that it was itchy and sore, and I dreaded it happening again for the rest of the tramp.